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Exclusive Rights
Unlimited Audio streams
Unlimited music videos
Unlimited radio broadcast
Unlimited Distribution copies
Unlimited paid performances
Unlimited non-profit performances
Unlimited monetized video streams
Must credit producer "DJ Radiohead"
MP3/WAV Track-out Stems
Publishing share: 50%
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Drum kits & Loop kits


Professional music services with a fast turn around time.

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Production Credits

  • Bloody Monk Consortium

    Bloody Monk Consortium

  • Grindmode Cypher

    Grindmode Cypher

  • Revenge Of The Truence

    Revenge Of The Truence


Please read our Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the standard method of payment?

PayPal and Stripe are the standard method of payments.

What are exclusive rights?

This gives the music artist sole ownership of the beat, and unlimited use of it as well. The producer cannot sell this to anybody else and must mark the beat as sold. An exclusive beat will be more expensive in price because the artist gets full ownership, and can do whatever the artist pleases to with the instrumental.

What file formats do you offer?

MP3, WAV, Trackout WAV Stems

How much are custom beats?

Custom beats start @ $150

Do you offer music services?

Mixing & Mastering, Mixtape Hosting, Custom Scratches, Custom Beats

Do you offer refunds?

Under no circumstances will you be given a refund after purchasing items listed for sale on this website. Once you have purchased an instrumental I cannot refund you as you will already have access to the file.


DJ Radiohead knows who he is and what he stands for and refuses to back down from that. Born in London, Ontario, Radiohead sticks by the roots of hip-hop in every sense while simultaneously presenting his own flavor. See, before streaming was even part of the industry, Radiohead was scratching and mixing records, looping beats, being a part of cyphers and moving crowds through his own sets. The Canada standout can do it all, he can executive produce your record, make beats for it, engineer the album the way you want and present it to the people. With over a decade of experience and collaborations under his belt, the veteran artist has a slew of collaborations, solo work, merchandise and more coming in 2021.

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