DJ Radiohead
DJ Radiohead knows who he is and what he stands for and refuses to back down from that. Born In Ontario, Canada, Radiohead sticks by the roots of hip-hop in every sense while simultaneously presenting his own flavor. See, before streaming was even part of the industry, Radiohead was scratching and mixing records, looping beats, being a part of cyphers and moving crowds through his own sets. The Canada standout can do it all, he can executive produce your record, make beats for it, engineer the album the way you want and present it to the people. With over a decade of experience and collaborations under his belt, the veteran artist has a slew of collaborations, solo work, merchandise and more coming in 2022.


Radiohead always had an interest in the hip-hop art form but this stems from his entire family being overwhelming fans of music too. His mother was a fan of soul music from the 60s through the 80s, his father was a vinyl addict, collecting sound equipment and listening to a lot of old school and psychedelic rock along with foreign music. The last piece of the pie came in the form of his older brother, “He introduced me to N.W.A… Wu-Tang Clan…and D.I.T.C.” he recalls. “My dad bought me Wu Tang Clan’s “Wu-Tang Forever” on Vinyl as well as 2pac’s “Me Against the World” and I would spin those back on my belt-driven turntable when I was young.” The rest of DJ Radiohead’s destiny was sealed as the Ontario artist practiced scratching over records, doing freestyles at lunch and taking the time to learn his craft. This naturally led to DJ Radiohead introducing local shows at venues through his vintage sets. Through rocking crowds and mixing records, DJ Radiohead taught himself how to loop and make smaller beats. The young prodigy eventually traded in his DJ mixer for a Drum Machine and the rest was history.


“I would describe my sound  as dusty underground boombap,” DJ Radiohead explains, “heavily inspired by 90s easy coast hip hop but with a dusty imperfect lo-fi analog twist.” Regardless of who he’s collaborating and creating with Radiohead provides his own signature sound while being inspired by the legends and people that came before him. It doesn’t stop there though. Again DJ Radiohead sticks to his roots and that harkens back to his days chopping records and doing full multi-hour mixes. DJ Radiohead can easily be the executive producer for your next project as too, he can produce your project, make sure it sounds clean and is engineered to perfection, then he can provide a mix with transitions and cuts making it accessible to anyone who listens or wants a sampler of the project. With his work in the artist & live entertainment space, DJ Radiohead looks to leave an impact and spark that nostalgia from the 90s while presenting something original.


Here we are in 2023, DJ Radiohead has been putting in organic work for over a decade, collecting records, making beats, mixing tapes, and engineering albums. Radiohead is continuously growing his brand and the world is taking notice. Last year, DJ Radiohead teamed up with Revenge of the Truence and produced the entirety of their 7th album “Tales Between Two Lakes”. Publications like Insomniac Magazine, 7th Boro and WorldWide Hip Hop all covered the project as it’s a celebration of the 90’s Hip-Hop that we all grew up on. DJ Radiohead isn’t going anywhere and has a lot planned in 2023 to keep the essence of hip-hop at the forefront. This year he has a whole slew of EPs from the Canadian native including Revenge Of Truence, Allah Preme, Emilio Lopez and more. He also has some collaborations coming with some marquee names that he’s keeping hush for now, also keep it locked at djrhbeats.com as Radiohead is getting ready to launch some merchandise too. Don’t get left behind.