Grind Mode Cypher COVID-16’s Vol. 5

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Grind Mode Cypher COVID-16’s Vol. 5 (prod. by DJ Radiohead Beats)


Produced By Dj RadioHead Beats

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Grind Mode Cypher COVID-16’s Vol. 5 featuring:
Lingo | Pawtucket, RI |
Ayok | North Attleboro, MA |
ALVMNII | Las Vegas, NV |
BENJI | Boston, MA |
U-nik Stylez | Reading, PA |
Policy | New Bedford, MA |
Don Pera | Corona Queens, NY |

produced by: DJ Radiohead | London, Ontario, Canada

video by: Wiseguys Films |
Mass Wired |
sponsored by: Brawlers Inc Clothing Co. |…
Hip Hop Revolution |
Hip Hop Everything |
Still Ill Productions | ‎

Lingo verse:

We use emotion to fill songs so you feel songs Food for thought that resonates long after the meals gone
You can’t digest the vibe, yes the appeals gone
Recognize that replicas are still wrong uh
When the art in it is authentic and real raw

That’s the dope we chop then market it in pill form still on, you cant trample my will’s strong
So we bring you back to the dusty samples it’s built on Wait… had to pause the show, unify marching slow Fight for civil rights and we still have so far to go Along the road there’ll be bumps so we lock and load, know an armed revolt stays peaceful if we aren’t provoked who’s provoking it?

who’s in charge of the crooked things? Man behind the curtain the puppeteer who be pulling strings? Butchering families all for commodities No justice, no peace make the call for equality